All of our selling products are in our warehouse located in CHINA, also we will ship from there.

We usually ship items via an express company name 4PX because they had already become a partnership with us. you can visit their website to learn more and tracking your package.

<<<<Estimate Shipping Time Table>>>>

Country & Region

Delivery Time

United Kingdom

Advantage 5-7 Working Days

United States

9-18 Working Days

Canada / Australia

10-20 Working Days

France/Spain/Germany/Eastern Europe

10-15 Working days

Mexico/Brazil/South America

15-35 Working days

Caution: The table shows regular Delivery Time, it's based on our date of statistics and experience recently. As we all know the world is during this hard time right now due to the pandemic effect, the flights would fewer than ever, So we have to more patient. Sometimes your package would deliver delayed, especially in some remote regions. If you are in a hurry, I suggest you get it up from a local store. If you want to get it fast and also you have willing to pay an excess charge to EMS, you can ask me. On the other hand, once the package hand over to the carrier, we couldn't stop the shipping and recalled your package. The last, we still depend on how long the customs clearance takes. Face to these situations above we were such helpless, so I hope all of the buyers are understanding and considering before you purchase. Finally, a good conversation could avoid misunderstanding, I appreciate that you visit our store.